Pool season means having to deal with…

  • Long lines at the pool store
  • Purchasing more chemicals than your pool actually needs
  • Handling and storing pool chemicals
  • Maintaining proper water balance
  • Algae or other fungi invading your pool resulting in frustrating, costly, and time-consuming problems.

Then consider the E-Z approach to pool care…

E-Z Care Pools can eliminate these frustrations by providing a reputable, dependable chemical service that can save you time and money!

The E-Z approach saves you time and money…and safer, too!

Discover the benefits this service can offer…

Here’s how E-Z Care Pools can keep your pool water looking great!

Once a week, I will test your pool water, add chemicals, backwash, empty pump and skimmer baskets, and skim the surface of the pool. The result – sparkling, clear pool water! This service takes about 15 minutes. At the time of service, you will receive a copy of the test results, detailing the chemicals added to your pool as well the cost per lb. and oz. (Vacuuming and complete pool cleaning services are also available. Please inquire for a free estimate).

  • No need to handle or store any chemicals.
  • Your pool water stays clear all season.
  • Spend less time maintaining your pool and more time enjoying it.
  • Save money on chemicals. (Since pool chemicals are broken down into pounds and ounces, you are billed based on what your pool water requires)
  • Eliminate frustrating, costly, and time-consuming problems from invading your pool.

Convenient monthly billing service!

You will receive a statement by the 5th of each month detailing the cost of chemicals your pool used during the prior month as well as the weekly service fee. Any other requested services/repairs are also noted on the statement. E-statements are also available. ***** While most services are billed monthly, some may require payment upon completion.